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SMW Single band PLL BDC Ku-Band

SMW Single band PLL BDC Ku-Band


  • Full Ku-Band coverage with 1 LO and 1 output
  • Low phase noise to meet the Broadcast profile of DVB-S2, optional ultra-low phase noise model meets all profiles of DVB-S2X
  • High P1dB and IP3
  • Choose between Internal Ref. or External Ref. input models
  • Available as TWIN for H/V reception
  • 10.41 model acc. to ASTRA Wideband spec.
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Low gain option
Product Code: smw-single-band-pll-bdc-ku-band

The Single-band BDC has a selection of several frequency bands. The Multiband BDC can be remotely switched across 2-4 bands by voltage and/ or 22 kHz tone control. The BDC is ideal for installation in various professional applications with low symbol rate carriers.

Options include customized LO, customized gain, separate DC power input and separate input for the external 10 MHz reference.

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9.75 (10.70-11.80 GHz), 10.0 (10.95-11.80 GHz), 10.0E (10.95-12.10 GHz), 10.25 (11.20-11.70 GHz), 10.50 (11.45-12.20 GHz), 10.60 (11.70-12.75 GHz), 10.70 (11.65-12.75 GHz), 10.75 (11.70-12.75 GHz), 11.20 (12.20-12.75 GHz), 11.25 (12.20-12.75 GHz), 11.30 (12.25-12.75 GHz)

Internal/External reference:

±5 kHz -20 to +70ºC (±10 kHz -40 to +80ºC), ±10 kHz -20 to +70ºC (±1,5 ppm -40 to +80ºC), ext 10 MHz ref

Output connector:

F-connector, N-connector, SMA-connector


10 dB, 20 dB, 30 dB, 40 dB, 50 dB, 60 dB, 35 dB

Separate DC input:


Separate input external reference


DC output (to LNA):



Customized LO frequency and gain,