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SMW Versa-Link Transmitter

SMW Versa-Link Transmitter

Wideband, extended IF, output PLL BDC for simultaneous reception 2 GHz of the Ka-Band


  • Custom Frequency ranges within 17.70-22.20 GHz
  • Wide Ka-Band coverage with 1 LO and 1 output
  • Standard Ultra Low Phase Noise meets all profiles of DVB-S2X
  • High P1dB and IP3
  • Choose between Internal Ref. or External Ref. input models
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Low gain option
Product Code: smw-versa-link-transmitter

High RF- and optical performance

  • 1 x L-band forward channel using a direct modulated DFB 1310 nm laser over a single fiber cable.
  • Manually adjustable Gain for large antennas and Beacon applications.
  • Up to 20 km single mode fiber cable distance depending on link budget. Link distance up to 40 km with optional 1550 nm laser.
  • Free Link budget calculation support available on request.

Fully outdoor proof IP67

  • Both Transmitter and Receiver unit packaged in a compact outdoor rugged aluminium enclosure.
  • -40° to +80°C fully operating temp range.
  • Ideal to mount on the satellite antenna or structure, without using a bulky separate outdoor enclosure.
  • Highly rugged push on, quick connect, Q-ODC fiber connector on both units.


  • Multi role RF over Fiber link for LNB or BUC simply by swapping location of the receiver/transmitter pair.
  • Easy DIN-rail mount option for multi-unit, multi channel and VSAT (LNB+BUC) stacking.
  • Built in 4A (BUC/LNB) Bias-tee and 10MHz ref. diplexer.
  • Versa-Link Rx receiver is compatible with SMW Fiber output LNBs for cost effective single channel systems
  • SMW Fiberoptics are compatible with many other manufacturer’s corresponding indoor devices


  • Single fiber downlink connection from one LNB.
  • Single fiber uplink connection to one BUC.
  • Carries any 290 – 2500 MHz (option 50-2750 MHz) RF signal – Satcom, Terrestial TV, GPS, FM etc.

Additional information

9.1 × 4.9 cm
Dimensions 9.
RF frequency

290-2500 MHz, 10-2500 MHz

Optical output

1310 nm (≤20 km), 1550 nm (≤40km)

RF Connector

F, N, SMA, Other

DC cable

15 m, 30 m, Other

DC on RF connector

Yes, No, Other