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SRY-OAC-13-801 ETL StingRay200 DWDM Optical Pre-Amplifier Module, 13dBm output optical power

Product Code: SRY-OAC-13-801


Model SRY-OAC-13-801 is a StingRay RF Over Fibre EDFA (Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifier) optical amplifier module covering the optical C-band (1530nm - 1565 nm).

The fibre module is intended to be used as a pre-amplifier in the fibre DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) systems to amplify low input optical signals before optical demultiplexers at the receive sites. Maximum output optical power is +13dBm. 

The StingRay DWDM range of optical amplifiers compensate for module loss and boost the optical power to extend the transmission distance of signals carried up to 500km. ETL's StingRay DWDM optical amplifier system comprises of either a pre-amplifier module, a post-amplifier module designed to operate within the EDFA chassis and a dispersion compensation module (DCM), housed in a seperate 1U high chassis.

The module is designed to work in the StingRay RF Over Fibre EDFA Chassis, SRY-C800-1U. 

See below for related chassis for the DWDM system. For full technical specifications please refer to the datasheet.

DWDM System
The StingRay DWDM Fibre system comprises of transmit modules and a multiplexer module to combine up to 40 wavelengths on to a single fibre cable at the transmit end .

A demultiplexer module and receive modules are then used at the receive end to split the separate wavelengths.