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SED Systems Network Management Solutions

SED Systems Network Management Solutions

SED provides unique Satellite Network Management solutions to satellite operators and service providers around the globe. These companies are continually evolving existing services, adding new services, and trying to squeeze out the last ounce of performance from their systems - all in an effort to meet the changing demands of their customers. And they need superior services to keep their customers happy and their competitors at bay.

Our Network Management Systems (NMS) products and solutions will help you to provide the superior services your customers demand, with the following benefits:

  • Improved quality of service

  • Increased resource, spectrum and power efficiency

  • Better equipment monitoring and control through fewer unified workstations

  • Remote access to out-of-reach network elements

  • Increased performance and availability using our high-availability real-time solutions

  • Access to our highly experienced engineering resources

  • Reduced training and personnel requirements through centrally managed operations

  • Easy integration with Open Standards based solutions and equipment (SNMP, Corba, XML, SOA)

  • Customizable solutions through cost-effective re-usable components

SED provides a range off-the-shelf and custom network management products.  For more information, click on any of the Quicklinks.

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